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  • tea forsacrifice

    Little Monk Tea Pet for a Blessing Tea Time

    Tea and Buddhism have very close relation since ancient times in China. There is a famous Chinese saying – “Oneness Of Dhyana (Zen) And Tea” (禅茶一味), which means that tea has the same power as Zen – to achieve inner peace and to open true wisdom. The twin monks are named as Prajna & Mercy….
  • Yixing Clay Teapot (Zisha) – Shi Piao Model

    Model – Shi Piao(石瓢) This model’s name is Shi Piao, meaning stone gourd ladle in English. It is is a classic style of purple clay teapot. Shipiao was first called Shi Yao, and “Yao” was interpreted as “a small cooking utensil with handle and flow” in Cihai. “Yao” changed from metal utensils to pottery, which…
  • Yixing Clay Teapot (Zisha) – Shi Piao with Plum blossom

    Zisha (Purple Clay) Culture & Art is famous for its simplicity, elegance and vividness for hundreds of years. Yixing purple clay craft has a long history and a prosperous culture, for its excellent works handed down from generation to generation. Its artistic value is incomparable. In China, tea enthusiasts normally own at least 1 or…