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This is designed for tea tasters. There are 6 types of tea in this collection, weighing 50g/1.7oz, covering black tea, green tea, pu-erh tea and oolong tea. If you are a new customer, or have not tried Chinese loose leaf tea yet, this is absolutely a good option for you to start your tea adventure with Teawish. 


Package: 3 pouchs x 2 drawers
Package Size: 155mm * 65mm * 32mm (6.10″ * 2.56″ * 1.26″)
Net weight: 50g (1.7oz)

Taster combo

  1. Sunglow (5g) – Famous Dianhong Black tea from 200 years old ancient tea tree of Yunnan Province. 
  2. Nectar (5g) – A black tea from Guizhou Province, with fascinating aroma.
  3. Moistness (6g) – Ripe Pu-erh Tea from the tea garden with altitude of 1680 meter high. 
  4. Dew Crystal (5g) – Super sweet white tea, mild and fragrant. You taste the nature through this tea. 
  5. Bi Luo Chun (13g) – One of the most famous green teas in China, with a beautiful legend. Super refreshing and tasteful. 
  6. Tie Guanyin (15g) – Excellent oolong tea with long lasting aroma. There is a beautiful story behind it related Buddhism. 

You can click the link on the tea’s name to view the detailed page about the tea. 


8 reviews for GEMINI – 6 in 1 for tasters

  1. Frank

    I like the tea and the boxes.

  2. Snow

    They arrived faster than I expected. I love it so much. There is an instruction that explains how to brew each type of tea. Tried dew crystal this morning. It was very refreshing and sweet.

  3. Will

    I bought some teaware together with these boxes. I thought loose leaf teas were tough to drink before. Now I change my mind. Nectar is the best black tea I’ve met. I’m going to place an order for it.

  4. Marine

    Ce thé est bon. Merci.

  5. Ricky

    Got to know Teawish from Tiktok. The tea is very good. Packaging is delicate. Thank you Derry. I appreciate all your videos on Tiktok.

  6. Monica

    Love them all but Tie Guanyin is my favorate. Thank you.

  7. Woo

    For the black, I prefer Nector to Sunglow. Nector is mild but Sunlow is a bit too much baking for me. I haven’t tried white tea before so I was supprised by dew crystal – sweet and mild. Thank you.

  8. W.

    I could feel how serious they work with the tea. I like the packing, especially the handwriting of charactors. And there is an instruction paper for the 6 teas. I have tried Sunglow and Moistness that were both good. Looking forward to other types.

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