I am a Buddhist. Therefore, tea has a deeper meaning for me. Tea plays an extraordinary role in Buddhism. There is a famous Chinese saying – ‘Oneness Of Dhyana (Zen) And Tea’ (禅茶一味), which means that tea has the same power as Zen – to achieve inner peace and to open true wisdom.

The below picture is my tea room. I enjoy my tea time here everyday. There is a statue on the tea cabinet behind me. He is the first ancestor of Chinese Zen Buddhism, master Dharma. Hanging on the back wall is my master’s calligraphy, expressing the same conception of ‘Oneness Of Dhyana (zen) And Tea’ in an artistic way.

Derry Liu at his Tea Room

I became a Buddhist seven years ago. Drinking tea, chanting scriptures and meditating are the necessary lessons that the master requires us to do every day. 

According to the master’s request, before drinking tea each time, we should serve the first cup of tea to Buddha and Bodhisattva, and pray that we can obtain compassion and wisdom like the Buddha, so as to help more people realize their wishes.

Light a fire by a fire, fill a wish by a wish. Now, I melt my fire and wish into a cup of tea, wishing your wishes can come true. 

This is another story of the word ‘Teawish’.

A Buddhism Disciple

Derry Liu