Tea is considered a magic leaf in China. It is not only a kind of drink, but also has close connections to health, culture, aesthetics, literature and religion.

At Teawish, we are a group of tea enthusiasts who are devoted to promote Chinese tea and teaware. We have a strong sense of mission to spread them to more people in the world.

To find the best teas, we drove across China many times to visit the remote mountains where wild tea trees grow. In order to deeply understand how a leaf becomes a drink, we lived together with tea farmers and manufacturers, and participated in all tea-making processes.

Over the past years, we have built strong networks of supply chain in different regions of China. We also work with the best logistic partners who ship our products to the whole world with no hassles. Thanks to our customers, the increase of orders further strengthens our advantage in the supply chain.

We put our best wishes into a cup of tea. We wish you health, happiness and peace.

This is how the word ‘Teawish’ was inspired.