9896 Bellaire Blvd #C2, Houston, TX 77036 (909) 578-0888

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[ppb_card_two_cols_with_image size=”one” title=”Discover Our Story” slug=”about-us” subtitle=”A modern & cozy bubble tea experience” image=”https://www.teawish.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/SBQ_33492.jpg” image_width=”65″ align=”left” image_lightbox=”enable” content_width=”40″ padding=”40″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” bordercolor=”” fontcolor=”” custom_css=”padding: 50px 0 70px 0 !important;” ]Join us at our new bubble tea shop! You’ll find we have a romantic and relaxing atmosphere, which includes sleek decor, wall art, and comfy furniture. Sample our wide variety of delicious bubble teas, customized to your order.

Come enjoy some light snacks and fresh beverages with your friends and family.[/ppb_card_two_cols_with_image]

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[ppb_map_content size=”one” title=”Houston Location” slug=”contact-us” subtitle=”” type=”ROADMAP” map_width=”65″ map_height=”500″ lat=”29.706576″ long=”-95.553690″ zoom=”16″ popup=”” marker=”” align=”left” content_width=”40″ padding=”40″ bgcolor=”” bordercolor=”” fontcolor=”” custom_css=”” ]9896 Bellaire Blvd #C2, Houston, TX 77036
11AM – 10PM Mon-Thu
11AM – 11PM Fri-Sun
(909) 578-0888[/ppb_map_content]