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Genshin Impact – The prototype of the Chenyu Vale: tea village in Anhui China
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Genshin Impact – The prototype of the Chenyu Vale: tea village in Anhui China

It’s another Chinese New Year, and the well-known mobile game “Genshin Impact” has also ushered in a richly contented Spring Festival version with new map released, located in the Liyue territory – the long-prepared “Chenyu Vale” area in the northern border of Liyue, has officially been implemented. Let’s discover where the cultural archetypes we love to see here come from.

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We have been working with tea farmers and tea makers directly, so that we can track every product from the source. This gives us the possibility to keep our tea in the stable quality with a reasonable price.

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We work with the best logistic partners who ship our products from China to the whole world with no hassles, at amazingly low cost and high efficiency. We also present in the Netherlands and Japan to enhance our service for the local market.

Chinese tea represents a healthy lifestyle

We do not only deliver tea products to you, but also promote a kind of healthy lifestyle, which is supported by the knowhow of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Culture. With a cup of tea, we wish you health, happiness and peace.