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Ancestor of Black Tea – Lapsang Souchong


It was first called Wuyi Bohea in Europe, in which Wuyi is the origin – Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province of China.
In the beginning of the 17th century (about 1604), Lapsang Souchong was brought into Europe by Dutch businessmen.
Then it became popular in the British royal family and spread to the whole Europe later.
With its arrival, afternoon tea lifestyle became popular in West.
It is plump in appearance and dark in color. The liquor is red and thick, with high and longlasting aroma. The taste is with natural floral fragrance, mellow and sweet.

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Taste Eastern Aesthetics Through Chinese White Porcelain


Start your Gongfu Tea lifestyle with this ALL-IN-ONE case. You have options of 5 patterns on this fascinating set of artisitc teaware with high quality. These patterns represent Chinese traditional aesthetics that offer you a taste not only of Chinese tea but also of its culture and art. The patterns are:
– Landscape
– Ochid
– Butterfly
– Lucky Charactor (福)
– Pure White

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I melt my wishes into a cup of tea, wishing you health, sunshine, kindness, and peace.

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