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  • Bingdao Raw Pu-erh

    Bing Dao Raw Pu-erh 2022

    Brief Produced in Bing Dao Village, grown only on few old trees, Bing Dao Pu-erh is considered as one of the most valuable teas in China because of its rarity. There is a slight bitterness to the taste on first sip that changes to a mellow sweetness later. The taste is long lasting and the…
  • Brick For You – Raw Pu-erh


    The tea was made according to Raw Pu-erh workmanship. However, pressing for the shape does not break the tea’s original shape – every tea leaf is a complete whole leaf. The material is the Yunnan large leaf cultivar, which is picked from 100-year-old ancient tea trees.

  • Moistness – Ripe Pu-erh


    For fermented Pu-erh tea (shou cha), the control of sweetness and mellowness has been very mature, but the proper moistening is not easy to achieve. ‘Mellowness’ and ‘moistness’ are two distinct concepts. ‘Moistness’ emphasizes the tenderness and smoothness of the liquor.