EU countries


Since July 1st 2021, a new rule has been effected in relation to all goods sold to EU less than 150 Euro via E-commerce channels. Please refer to the official site:

As a  VAT compliant seller, Teawish has registered at European Union’s tax authority in the IOSS. That means we are responsible for collecting and paying the VAT for your orders if you order from EU. 

As a result, we will charge you the relevant VAT on the top of your order at the checkout page, based on the rate of your country. There will be no further calls at importation for VAT or other charges. 

Orders more than 150 Euro will be taxed at importation in the EU Member State.


Non-EU Countries


For the customers who order from non-EU countries, we don’t add any VAT, or sales tax, or custom duties to your order. What you see on the checkout page is what we charge you. 

However, there might be certain chances in some situations of some countries, that you may be required to pay import duty or tax for your orders. You should find out the regulation about the rules of your country from official sites. You can contact Teawish if you are in the case and we will do our best to help you.