Secret of tea aroma


Secret of tea aroma. #teatime #chinesetea #gongfutea #tealife #teawish

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Tea aroma can be classified into three types: species aroma, origin aroma and craft aroma. Taking Anxi Tieguanyin as an example, the most famous species is the red heart with a crooked tail. Only this species have the orchid aroma and a special taste that we call it Guanyin rhyme in China. The origin aroma emphasizes the origin, which is unique. For example, the famous oolong tea Wuyi Rock tea, or Wuyi Yancha, has a special aroma we called it Rock Rhyme. This aroma is unique to the Wuyinshan Mountain. Even people transplant the same species of the tea plants to other areas, you will not get the same taste. Craft aroma, is formed in production and processing techniques, by generations of tea masters through continuous improvements, such as the smoke aroma of some Raw Puerh tea.