Is Buddha able to heal the cracks on his statues?

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The world we inhabit is an imperfect and impermanent world. Everything has its life cycle based on its karma. Buddha is not the creator of this world. He came here only to reveal the truth, not to change or interfere with the world. So you are right he can’t repair the cracks on his statues. Unlike other religious leaders, he encouraged believers to doubt him and have their own thoughts. He never defined himself as a savior. On the contrary, his first exclamation after enlightenment was that all beings have Buddha’s nature and can become Buddha. The term Buddha actually means the Awakened One. That means Buddha claimed that everyone is able to become enlightened just like him. After being enlightened, he spent 49 years for preach, until the last moment of his life, sharing the path to enlightenment to people. The path is called Dharma.

For many times, Buddha has faced doubts and challenges from other religions. He just calmly stated his views, but never wanted to convince the other party to become his disciple subjectively.

As a Buddhist, I will do the same as Buddha in this aspect. I respect every great religion and spiritual leader in the world. Although I have to tell my opinions about the truth which is different from yours, at the same time, I’m so delighted to you for your noble belief. I hope we can cheer for each other.