Drinking Hot Tea Can Relieve The Heat

You would never have been able to guess that drinking hot tea can actually help us cools down during the hot weather.


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We are having a heat wave these days.

So, tons of people will definitely sipping a cold drink to refresh themselves.

And as a matter of fact, for most of the Chinese, in their understanding of the formation, drinking cold stuff is a health hazard.

And the reasons why drinking hot tea can refresh ourselves are as follows:

First, tea is rich in microelements. So, it can not only help you stay hydrated, but also replenish some potassium ions and sodium ions, thereby preventing heat illness.

Second, drinking hot tea in hot weather will make us sweat. The heat inside our body will be excreted with sweats, which cools our body.

Finally, it’s easy to suffer loss of appetite in summer. While drinking hot tea has the effect of promoting digest.

So, what type of teas do you like the best in summer?