Four Occasions Don’t Drink Tea

Tea drinkers have to know that there are four occasions on which you shouldn’t drink tea:

First, drinking tea on an empty stomach, you’ll have a low blood glucose in this occasion. The caffeine and tea polyphenol can cause dizziness, stomach discomfort and weakness in the limbs.


4 occations not to drink tea. #teawish #teaculture #chinesetea #teatok #gongfutea

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Second, drinking tea and alcohol at the same time. Lots of people drink tea for anti-inebriation purpose, but it is actually very wrong. The caffeine in tea can excite your nerves and overload your heart.

Third, taking medicine with tea or drinking tea right after taking medicine. If you do that, there will be some chemical reactions which cause the medicine to work less effectively. So, I would advise not to drink tea within 2 hours after taking the pills.

Finally, drinking tea before sleeping. As I said at the beginning, the caffeine in tea can excite your nerves. So, drinking tea late at night may cause sleeplessness.