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Necessary Teaware to start brewing Gongfu Tea


Teaware for Gongfu tea. #gongfucha #teaculture #chineseculture #gongfutea #teatime #loosetea #chinesetea

♬ original sound – Teawish

What teaware do you need when you start brewing gongfu tea? First of all, choose a kettle with a long mouth which is easy to the control the direction of water and amount of water, try not to choose the one with a triangular mouth, it doesn’t work very well. Secondly, buy a white porcelain Gaiwan and match it with a fairness cup, the Gaiwan can be used to brew all types of tea, and it won’t absorb the fragrance of tea. The fairness cup plays a role to even out the color and taste of the tea. The last thing is to get a drinking cup to drink the tea. There are many types of cups, glass cup, ceramic cup and purple clay cup, etc.. you can choose whatever you like.

For the beginners, I recommend this all in one Gongfu Tea brewing case in our online shop. It’s including 1 Gaiwan , 1 fairness cup, 6 drinking cups, a filter and support, a clap, and a tea cloth. There are different beautiful patterns that you can choose. There is also a lite version, which is more convenient to travel with. You can find it from the ‘RELATED PRODUCTS’.