Strength of Character of Tea

Today let’s talk about what is strength of character of tea.
People, who have just started learning how to brew tea, always try to make the liquor mainly sweet and aromatic. I often describe their tea as “lack the strength of character”.


Strength of character of tea. #chinesetea #gongfutea #teawish #teatime #bitterness #tealife #foryou

♬ original sound – Teawish

The character of tea is the essence of it. And the original taste of tea is bitter and astringent.
When we drink tea, we must dare to accept the bitterness of tea. We should also dare to brew its bitterness and astringency.

Of course, for a good tea, bitterness must be returned to sweetness, and astringency must be rejuvenated. Aroma and sweetness are just the blood and flesh of tea. Bitterness and astringency are the nature and the spirit of tea. The balance between bitterness, astringency, and aroma, sweetness builds the strength of the character of the tea.

Isn’t our life like this? No one’s life is always sweet. Life is like tea; its original taste is also bitter and astringent. In the same way, for a good life, all sufferings have their reward like the sweetness after taste of a good tea.

What do you think?