Three Treasures in Tea

There are three substances in tea, which are irreplaceable for any drink. They are theanine, caffeine and tea polyphenols. 

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First, theanine. This is a unique amino acid in tea, which has a calming and sedative effect. It helps us relax and concentrate.

Second, caffeine. It has the effect of refreshing and eliminating fatigue. Many people feel energetic after drinking tea, and it has its credit. Here’s another cool fact: There’s more caffeine content in tea than in coffee. But because it was first discovered in coffee, it is called caffeine.

Third, tea polyphenols. It’s an important component of tea. And it can scavenge free radicals in our body and play an antioxidant role.

The combination of these three substances in tea, has a good balancing effect on our human nutrition and metabolism. That’s why we often say that drinking tea is good for health.

So, did you drink tea today?