Phoenix Dancong


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  • Chao’an County, Guangdong Province, China
  • Above 400 meters
  • Spring and early summer 2022
  • Upright, plump, oily
  • Elegant, natural flower aroma
  • Orange-yellow
  • Mellow, refreshing
  • Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in cool, dry place
  • 36 months

Phoenix Dancong


Phoenix Dancong is also called Phoenix Tea, a type of Oolong tea. Produced in Phoenix Mountain, it has the functions of producing body fluid and quenching the felling of thirst, refreshing the mind, helping digestion, and reducing phlegm and relieving cough, so it was planted by almost every household at the time of South Song Dynasty.


Phoenix Dancong



It is produced in Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong province. Obviously, Phoenix Tea is named by the mountain. Phoenix Mountain is favored with a maritime climate, it has plenty of rain every month of the year, which provides a positive impact on the growth of tea.


Phoenix Dancong



In the Song Dynasty, the farmers of Phoenix Mountain discovered a red leaf tea tree with the tip of the leaf that looks like a crane’s mouth. After drinking it, they decided to plant it themselves. So, Phoenix Dancong is also called “bird’s mouth tea”.

In ancient China Mongolia invaded Song Dynasty several times, once the emperor of Song was chased by Mongolian soldiers, he fled south and arrived Phoenix Mountain. Later there was such a story among the people: “The emperor passed by Phoenix Mountain and was thirsty. The local people offered Phoenix Dancong tea. After tasting, the emperor praised it as a rare and excellent tea.”


Phoenix Dancong



Brewing Method

Chinese Gongfu Tea Method

  • 100°C/212°F
  • 5g
  • 5 seconds
  • +5 seconds
  • 8
Western Cup Method

  • 100°C/212°F
  • 0.8g
  • 120 seconds
  • +30 seconds
  • 3


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