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  • ALL-IN-ONE Case of White Porcelain Gongfu Tea Set


    For westerners, it might be a little hard to use a Gaiwan for brewing tea. If you understand its cultural background, it would be a pleasure of practising it. Each Gaiwan consist of 3 parts – a lid, a tray and a bowl. The lid represents the heaven, and bowl represents human and the tray represent earth. So actually this is the ancient Chinese philosophy – how we humans behave in between the heaven and the earth, to achieve a status of oneness & harmony.

  • Automatic gongfu tea maker


    Unlike using a gaiwan and a fairness cup / tea mixing cup, automatic gongfu tea maker combines them together for easy use, as well as an awesome tableside decoration.

  • Banzhang Raw Puerh Tea

    Brief Produced in Xishuangbanna, Banzhang is acclaimed the king of Puerh tea due to its awesome flavor. Its leaves are elongated, meanwhile, extremely large. The dry leaves have a strongly scented smell. The bitterness degenerates quickly, and turns back to sweetness in a second. It is picked from rare ancient trees.Origin Banzhang Puerh was in…
  • Bingdao Raw Pu-erh

    Bing Dao Raw Puerh 2022

    Brief Produced in Bing Dao area, grown only on old trees, Bing Dao Puerh is considered as one of the most valuable teas in China because of its quality and rarity. There is a slight bitterness to the taste on first sip that changes to a mellow sweetness later. The taste is long lasting, and…
  • Brick For You – Raw Pu-erh


    The tea was made according to Raw Pu-erh workmanship. However, pressing for the shape does not break the tea’s original shape – every tea leaf is a complete whole leaf. The material is the Yunnan large leaf cultivar, which is picked from 100-year-old ancient tea trees.

  • Chinese Zodiac


    Chinese Zodiac tea pets are small figurines in the shape of animals, that accompany you while you drink your tea. In Chinese astrology, each zodiac animal has certain attributes.

  • Da Hong Pao


    Among all the Wuyi Rock Teas (Yan Cha), Da Hong Pao is perhaps the most famous one due to its high quality and legendary history and culture. There are many stories about the origin of Da Hong Pao’s name. The most famous one is that in 1385, there was a scholar who was very sick on his way to Beijing for an exam.

  • Dew Crystal


    Yunnan large leaf white tea is famous of the wild and natural fragrance of tea leaves. Like Pu’er raw tea (sheng cha), the white tea made from Yunnan large-leaf species has not been roasted at high temperature, and the tea leaves maintain their active nature. As time goes, it will also turn to mild.

  • Fingertips No-boy

    DetailsNo lookNo listenNo talkNo move 
  • First Sight – Fall in sip

    First Sight / 初见This is the gift box that actually Teawish wants to present to teawishers at the first sight. It contains our selected different types of tea, and a delicate teacup with meaningful Chinese characters representing Chinese wisdom (3 options), and a super neat wooden bookmark with our logo and slogan. SpecificationPackage contains: 6 Tea…
  • GEMINI – 6 in 1 for tasters

    This is designed for tea tasters. There are 6 types of tea in this collection, weighing 50g/1.7oz, covering black tea, green tea, pu-erh tea and oolong tea. If you are a new customer, or have not tried Chinese loose leaf tea yet, this is absolutely a good option for you to start your tea adventure…
  • Grand Buddha Dragon Well


    Grand Buddha Longjing is produced in Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, the hometown of famous tea in China. It is mainly distributed in Alpine tea areas above 400 meters above sea level. The product is made from the young buds and leaves of high mountain pollution-free improved tea garden.

  • Green-handle fairness cup


    Fairness cup, also known as the “mixing cup” and “tea divider”, is mainly used when making soup and dividing tea. Green handle, transprent body, like your bright mood, a best experience to watch the sun dance off the glass and through the clear tea soup.

  • Honey Wood – High Mountain Oolong


    Honey wood is a sister tea of our Light Breeze High Mountain Oolong. They are both Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong variety (Soft Swig) transplanted in Yunnan. The degree of oxidation is different – Honey Wood is about 85% fermented and Light Breeze is around 40%.

  • Huangshan Maofeng


    This premium tea comes from the Huangshan – one of China’s most famous mountain ranges. This series of rugged and craggy peaks has been depicted in classic Chinese brush paintings for centuries, and historically has provided peaceful refuge for sages, poets, monks, artists and other solitary souls.

  • Huoshan Huangya


    Huoshan Huangya (yellow bud) is produced in Huoshan County Anhui Province. The dry leaf is straight and long. The color is yellow and green. The aroma is like fresh meadow in spring. The liquor is yellow green and bright. The taste is quite fresh and mellow with grassy note. The wet leaf is slightly yellow and bright.