Tea Table Mat with Hand Drawing on Ramie

5 patterns of traditional painting, each has a auspicious meaning.


Plum Blossom Five Blessings
Longevity From Pines & Cranes
The Call of Lotus
Orchid in Secluded Valley
A Fallen Leaf Reveals Autumn
120 * 30cm (47.2 * 11.8in)
150 * 30cm (59 * 11.8in)
180 * 30cm (70.1 * 11.8in)
210 * 30cm (82.7 * 11.8in)
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  • Hand Painted tea mat
  • 5 options
  • Ramie (a vegetable fiber noted for its length and toughness.).
  • Handmade
  • Xiamen, Fujian Province of China
  • 4 choices of each pattern - 120cm * 30cm (47in * 11.8in), 150cm * 30cm (59in * 11.8in), 180cm * 30cm (71in * 11.8in), 210cm * 30cm (83in * 11.8in)
  • it is purely hand sewn, so it is impossible to be completely square, and there might be an tolerance of 1-2cm. Due to the different display and light effect, there might be color difference between what you receive and what you see here.

No matter holding a tea ceremony, or just drinking a cup of tea at home, the atmosphere of the tea table could eventually influence the taste of the tea, even the state of mind. That’s why in Chinese tea ceremonies, it is important to choose a suitable tea mat. It varies depending on the season, the guests, the subject of the party, etc. In this collection, Teawish offers you 5 options of Chinese tea mat with traditional artistic paintings.

Health & Longevity from pines & cranes (松鹤延年)

Pine trees are evergreen no matter in summer or in winter, thus it is usually used by literary men and artists to praise health. Cranes have much longer life time than other birds and were considered as fair birds by ancient Chinese, thus they symbolize longevity. Pines and cranes is a very classic combination in traditional arts. This tea mat implies very best wishes for elderly.

Tea mat Tea table mat pines cranes longevity

Plum blossom five blessings (梅开五福)

In Chinese culture, the five petals of plum blossom represent five blessings: Luck (福), Career(䘵), longevity(寿), happiness(禧) and wealth(财). Therefore, as a mascot, plum blossom has been widely written into poetry by scholars and painted into works by artists since ancient times.

Moreover, plum blossom is also used to describe a person with high moral in the Chinese tradition. It is usually in a pair with snowflake as plum blooms in winter. An idiom says ‘fetus as snowflake and bone as plum blossom’, which praises the person’s purity is like snowflake and his/her unyielding character is like plum blossom.

This pattern is a good choice to send wishes. Whereas it is the best way to express the moral standard of the host.

Table mat, Tea mat, Plum blossom

The Call of Lotus (步步生莲)

Buddhism was introduced into China since the Han Dynasty and had an impact on Chinese culture for more than 2000 years. Lotus is a symbol of holiness in Buddhism, because it grows in the mud, but it is spotless. It is a token to paradise. Therefore, scholars and artists often use lotus as self metaphor to express their longing for the paradise.

Tea mat Tea Table Mat Lotus

Orchid in Secluded Valley (芷兰幽谷)

This is from a saying of Confucius. Orchids that grow in secluded valley, are still fragrant although no one appreciates them. A gentleman who cultivates his body, mind, and morality, will not change his integrity although he might face difficulties. Orchid’s aroma is also widely used to describe the aroma of a tea in China.

tea mat table mat orchid

A Fallen Leaf Reveals Autumn (叶落知秋)

This idiom is about wisdom. It means knowing the arrival of autumn from the withering of a leaf. Moreover, it also means that through individual subtle signs, wise people are able to foresee the trend and results of the situation.

tea mat table mat ramie


Ramie tea mat is different from fabric tea mat, with rough surface. It is an excellent match for tea ceremony with cultural and aesthetics taste.

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  1. Ying

    for my mother
    Just got the pine and crane for my mother. She loved it so much.

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