The source of name Duck Shit Phoenix Dancong


Duck Shit Dancong. #teatime #chinesetea #teaculture #gongfutea #oolongtea

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There’s a tea with a vulgar name, but it tastes extremely flavorful, which contrasts strongly with its name——Duck shit. Duck shit is the almond-flavored type in Phoenix Dancong. Someone might be curious why it has such a name? It is because the tea trees grow on the land named duck shit. Long time ago, the tea farmers were afraid that the tea would be stolen, so they named the tea duck shit. This is the same as some kids in China have a vulgar nickname so that they can be better feed in the old time. The aroma of duck shit tea is very attractive, rich and fresh, it has a variety of aromas, like orchid and almond. This tea tastes like it melt in your mouth, and that lovely aromas lingered in your mouth.

Now many milk tea shops like to use it to make lemon tea or milk tea, but how do we exactly brew duck shit? It is best to scald the teacup with boiling water before brewing, which is conducive to the subsequent stimulation of the tea fragrance. While brewing, one cup of tea should combines 1g tea leaves with 15g water. The temperature of water should be 100 degrees. Don’t steep the tea leaves for too long at the beginning of brewing, and later the steeping time can be appropriately extended. So would you like to try the tea duck shit?