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    ALL-IN-ONE Case of White Porcelain Gongfu Tea Set


    For westerners, it might be a little hard to use a Gaiwan for brewing tea. If you understand its cultural background, it would be a pleasure of practising it. Each Gaiwan consist of 3 parts – a lid, a tray and a bowl. The lid represents the heaven, and bowl represents human and the tray represent earth. So actually this is the ancient Chinese philosophy – how we humans behave in between the heaven and the earth, to achieve a status of oneness & harmony.

  • tieguanyin

    Mercy – Tie Guanyin


    Tie Guanyin, also known as Iron Goddess in English, is one of the top ten Famous Teas in China. It is native to Xiping Town, Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province and was found in 1723-1735. Tie Guanyin is not only the name of tea, but also the name of tea varieties.

  • Da Hong Pao


    Among all the Wuyi Rock Teas (Yan Cha), Da Hong Pao is perhaps the most famous one due to its high quality and legendary history and culture. There are many stories about the origin of Da Hong Pao’s name. The most famous one is that in 1385, there was a scholar who was very sick on his way to Beijing for an exam.

  • Lapsang Souchong


    Lapsan Souchong is a transliteration from Zhengshan Xiaozhong (正山小种). Souchong means small leaf species tea. In Europe, it is the symbol of Chinese tea. Lapsang (Zhengshan) means authentic, particularly refers to small leaf species tea that grows and produced in Tongmu Village and nearby areas.

  • Jin Jun Mei


    Jin Jun Mei is a celebrated black tea from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China. It is made exclusively from the buds plucked in early spring from the tea plant. The buds are subsequently fully oxidized and then roasted to yield a tea that has a fruity and flowery flavour with a long-lasting sweet after-taste.

  • Silver Needle (Baihao Yinzhen)


    Silver Needle or Bai Hao Yin Zhen or usually just Yin Zhen is the Chinese type of white tea, originated from Fuding, Fujian Province of China. Amongst white teas, this is the most expensive variety and the most prized, as only top buds (leaf shoots) of the tea plant are used to produce the tea.

  • Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea


    Tanyang Gongfu black tea is ranking on the top of the three Gongfu black tea in Fujian. It has long been famous in the tea market both at home and abroad. The tea is with tight shape which is fine, uniformed and straight. It has moist leaf color, good clarity. It has lasting aroma and strong taste.

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    Travel TeaSet: 1 Smart Gaiwan + 3 Cute Cups + 4 colors

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  • White Peony (Bai Mudan)

    Brief White Peony or Bai Mudan is made from plucks of one bud two leaves. It has fuller flavor and greater potency. The typical taste of Bai Mudan is a result of both the processing and the tea plant cultivars employed in the production. The brew is a very pale green or golden color. The…
  • Wuyi Narcissus (Shui Xian)


    There is a saying: no tea can compete with Rou Gui for aroma, and no tea can compete with Shui Xian for mellowness. Affected by the unique natural environment, Wuyi Narcissus (Shui Xian) has a great taste with featured mellowness.

  • Wuyi Rou Gui (Cinnamon)


    Rou Gui is one of the most famous varieties of Wuyi rock tea. It has become well known in the Qing Dynasty and beloved by people for its pungent and lasting aroma. It has obvious cinnamon aroma, and the aroma remains after a few infusions. It is mellow and fresh.

  • Zhangping Narcissus

    Zhangping Narcissus (Shui Xian)

    BriefZhangping Narcissus is one of the most famous traditional Chinese teas, which is mainly grown in Zhangping Fujian. As a Chinese geographical indication product, it has been sold in both domestic market and also to foreign markets. It is often said that lovely, rich fragrant smell of Zhangping Narcissus enveloped you while you’re drinking it.  Origin…